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I. Background of the case

Marie Luna is a human resource management major who graduated from the University if the Philippines in Iloilo City. She decided that she would really like to work in the business and see if she could learn the business and contribute to its success. Her Family owns Dependable cleaners (DC), a laundry/ dry cleaning business. It provides laundry and dry cleaning services not only to residents and restaurant in the areas but to most of the casinos in Manila and Paranaque. In seven month, the new business affiliate named dependable cleaners was able to obtain laundry contracts with the major health-care facilities in the three cities. The Company now has a staff of 420 employees located in four branches (Paranaque, Las pinas, muntinlupa, and Sta. Rosa Laguna) there are two shifts for the service employees and the supervisor. The shifts are from 8:00am to 4:00pm and 4:00pm to 12:00 midnight. Marie acts as the human resources Manager. When both men and women perform similar tasks, Mr. Luna pays the men more since he believe that they have families to support. He thinks women have spouses who contribute to the family income and they do not need to be paid as much as the men. This practice worries Marie as she discussed changing this practice with her Father. She also observes that the workers seem to spend lots of time socializing and smoking outside the building. Since unemployment of the city is high. Mr. Luna is not concerned with turnover. Marie believes that since the number of employees has grown drastically and the diversity of jobs has increased over the past year, the company needs some system way paying employees.

II. Statement of the Problem
Fishbone Analysis

Therefore, the core problem of Marie Luna Company was that her Father practice, the different paying the employees because of his believe, the workers of...
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