Tata Swach Case Study

Topics: Water purification, Marketing, Water quality Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Case Study 'TATA SWACH-Nano Tech Water Purifier '

1.How the TATA Chemicals developed an innovative product, Tata Swach, the Nano Filter?

Tata Chemicals and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd first began work in 2006 on the idea of water purification system made up of natural materials. Mr. Gopalkrishnan, vice chairman of TATA Chemical was inspired by the concept of an earlier water filter conceived. The filter used rice-husk ash, which is derived after burning rice husk or chaff , a byproduct of polished rice, as the main filtering component that filter is called Sujal.

Swach is an advanced version of Sujal, launched around 2001-02 as a part of corporate social responsibility for Tsunami affected areas. The Swach’s cartridge, a key component of the system, resembles edison’s electric bulb and is made up of a composite of rice/paddy –husk ash and fine particles of nano silver. The cartridge also has a fuse. The fuse prevents water from passing through once its purifying capacity of 3000liters of water is exhausted. Tata Swach is a Nano Technology water purifier which makes use of natural materials like rice husk ash which is embedded on with Nano-silver and it delivers purification upto world class standards. It is tested for bacteria according to the EPA criteria in laboratories in India, U.K.

2. Analyze the water purifier market in India as on June, 2012 and assess the competitive position of Tata Swach.

The total water purification market, including industrial, municipal and households, is pegged at around Rs. 10,000 crore. This market was estimated at Rs.1600 crore plus in 2011 and will be growing at approximately Rs. 1920 crore at June, 2012.

The domestic water purifiers usually use chemical purification, ultraviolet treatment and filtration or reverse osmosis. Major players include Eureka Frobes, Philips, Hindusthan Uniliver, Whirlpool and Kent. Prices range from less than Rs.2000 to Rs.25,000. Philips, a major global player, has also...
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