Task 3 and 4

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Egalitarianism / Pages: 4 (1029 words) / Published: Apr 26th, 2014
SHC 33 (1.1), CYP Core 3.7 (4.1) & EYMP 4 (3.1)
• Diversity is the differences between individual and groups in society such as culture, belief, faith, background, skills, gender, ethnic origins, sexuality, family structure, appearance, social, values, knowledge, attitudes and life experience of a person from any group or community. When it is conjoined with equality it is about understanding an individual and group differences and instilling peace, harmony, value and respect of diversity both in the community and work setting. Every person from any group must be respected for their individuality and for who they are.
• Inclusion is used within an educational setting and is a term used for stamping out discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, disability, class, ethnicity, faith or background. It is about recognising and understanding that all children have the right to a wide range of facilities, learning and opportunities. In other words every child and young person or adult must be given equality of opportunity and allowed access to any form of education and care by meeting the individual’s specific needs.
• Equality is to make sure that everyone has the same rights as anyone else to make a contribution to society and to be treated fairly no matter what race, gender, language, sexual orientation, age disability, religious beliefs, social origin, marital status and any other personal identity.
• Participation is when practitioners participate to protect and promote the rights of the child allowing them to express themselves, have a choice and have a say if they wish to do so, in no way should they be forced, influenced or manipulated to prevent them from thinking freely and expressing their opinions. Practitioners should provide clear information about access to resources and provision to all children and their families and even he community.

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