Tale of two cities review

Topics: A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Darnay, Love Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Matthew Adamson
A.P English Literature and Composition
Period 2
Text: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
The Theme of Resurrection and Love in A Tale of Two Cities
During a time of great hopelessness, loss and social unrest Lucie Manette, somewhat unwillingly, plays the part of a hero and acts as sort of a ‘golden thread’ in the sense that she makes sure that everyone important to her knows that they are loved. Lucie Manette’s love for her father, Doctor Manette, is what draws him from his mental prison and allows him to prosper in the free world. Lucie also shows love toward Sydney Carton, the man who has a secret love for her. Dissimilar to actually being born, rebirth has more to do with rejuvenation and Dickens portrays it to be nothing like an actual birth in A Tale of Two Cities. Dickens justifies that both Doctor Manette and Carton are worthy and deserving of a second chance because, deep down they are good people. The Doctor earns his rebirth when he shows that he has the strength to set aside his shoemaking and the negative attitude associated with it. Carton shows that he is a good man in chapter 13 when he opens up to Lucie reiterating that he only wants her to be happy. So in the end, despite all that is going on Lucie leads these two men to resurrection. After Doctor Manette was set free from the Bastille following his 18 year imprisonment, he was so mentally fried he could only occupy himself with shoemaking and could only utter the words, “one-hundred and five north tower.” Dickens has clearly told us that the Doctor’s time in captivity has driven him mad. The Doctor is rescued by Monsieur Defarge, the wine shop owner, and delivered to his, “long lost daughter,” Lucie, his recovery is not immediate and he continues to be in a state of mental half consciousness. Dickens portrays Lucie as an affectionate caring character through how she is describe and also how other characters feel about her. "His eyes rested on a short,...
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