Systhesis: Belonging: How to Train Your Dragon/ as You Like It

Topics: Norm, Sociology, William Shakespeare Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: April 1, 2013
As you like it how to train your dragon belonging synthesis

Ladies, Gentlemen, Dragons. Now that I have your full attention, I am about to undertake an analysis into the very psyche of the human being and the fashion in which each and every one of us on some level desires to belong, whether this belonging is literal, metaphoric or fictional. William Shakespeare's play As You Like It investigates the fundamental need of the human being, and how the need to belong will often alter our priorities, things once important to us, family, friends, reputation, wealth and even our lives will often be risked or sacrificed in our search to belong. Furthermore The film How to Train Your Dragon by Dean DeBlois explores the way in which the necessity of belonging can cause difficult and life changing decisions that can enlighten and liberate an individual being forced to conform, if the individuals understanding of belonging differs from the societal norm in which they are placed

The individuals search for belonging can alter our perception of values. things once important to us will often be risked or sacrificed in search of a true sense of belonging. This aspect of belonging is evident in the play As You Like It by Shakespeare, through the struggles of the character Orlando. He didnt belong where he had been placed by his eldest brother and risked his life in the search to belong in the Dukes court. Before wrestling Charles in an attempt to earn fair treatment, Orlando declares “if I be foiled, there is but one shamed that was never gracious; if killed, but one dead that was willing to be so.” Orlando uses emotive language to convey the severity of his intentions. this emphasises to the responder just how much Orlando’s need to belong has influenced his outlook on life. his need to belong is more important to him than his protracted survival. The way Hiccup puts himself at risk, in his search for a way to be accepted and treated fairly as a regular viking, is...
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