Systems and Sub Systems Inter- Relationships

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Systems and Sub Systems Inter- relationships
Bernard White,
Theresa Tetrault,
James Lytle Paul Iweze
Trevor Napier
University of Phoenix
BSA/310 Terry Potts Systems and Sub Systems Inter- relationships
Riordan Manufacturing current resides in four locations throughout the world. Corporate Headquarters is located in San Jose, California which uses 100 Base T fast Ethernet 2 24 port Cisco 5950 switches. The other locations end user interface are comparably different the sub systems are very similar by design. Most of these sub-systems are created on a site to site basis to fulfill the needs of that site particle goals or responsibilities. The attributes that are common in most of these systems are: 1. Personal Information Systems

2. Office Automation Systems
3. Group Work Information Systems
The information systems are a technology based image of the business system. This image is used by the decision systems to control day to day operations, managing resources, decision making and problem solving and business improvement and innovation. The information system is not a single system but a set multiple interrelated subsystems. The multiple subsystems are categorize as follow: 1. Business improvement and innovation structure which consist of Personal Information System (PIS) and the Workgroup Information System (WIS). The PIS supports the knowledge of the individual and the individual data. The WIS supports the formalized knowledge of the department. 2. Information Technology (IT) supports the information processing task of creating and conveying and storing this data or information. These computer based tools allow interaction between: Business 2 Consumer (B2C) by means of the internet and intranet in their efforts to compete within the e-commerce...
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