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Integration and System Testing

In this report I will be writing about integration and system testing which is a type of testing which is conducted in the software development process. I will start off by writing about integration testing.


Integration and system testing is a type of software testing, this makes sure that tests such as the system and integration are done before releasing the product. Software testing has very strict set of rules and guidelines that it follows to make sure each individual part of the software is thoroughly checked before it is given the OK, this makes sure that there are no errors and that the software runs how it’s supposed to. Integration and system testing is mainly done by a team who focuses only on the software testing phase in the system development life cycle. 

In software testing each testing level build on from the previous level so it is important that the testing is done in the correct order, access to the information is passed on to the next level.


Integration testing in the software testing model comes before system testing and after the unit testing has been done.

The way that integration testing works is by, getting the individual modules that have been through the unit testing phase and integrating each module into a group. The integration testing phase will make sure when the modules are being integrated together that any problems, for example errors or bugs, caused due to the integration of the modules are eliminated. Integration testing does not deal with the integration of the whole system but deals with the integration of a process in the system.

In the integration testing stage there are three things that are created, to ensure that the integration of the modules is successful and that it runs successfully as well, a test plan, test cases and test data is produced to effectively test that the integration is successful. Test data is normally used by test cases but I have mentioned each type below;

Integration Test Plan

When producing a test plan it must include the following information to be effective,

• A strategy to use when testing the integrated modules and how the tests will be conducted. • What will be tested for example software features. • What is the time scale and time management.

• Responsibilities, e.g. personnel.
• Testing pass and fail condition.
• Risk involved
• Approval from all important people involved.

Above are just some of the most important information that is in the test plan but as a test plan is simply planning there is more information and points that can be included in the test plan by a company.

Most test plans are approved and worked on with the client so they may order some changes later on, so a test plan may have to include more information and it is best to get this approved so no problems are encountered later on.

Integration Test Cases

Test cases is created to make sure that the output, of the integrated modules are producing the expected output and is working exactly how it is supposed to work. This is simply a way to spot any errors or bugs that might have been made in the integration phase. The tester will then work through the program and document all the data using the test case that was created, the test case will test all inputs and outputs in the integrated modules.

Below is a simple test case, this was created by myself for a program that I created in collage, I have also included some test data in the test case to show exactly how it works.

If you are dealing with a large application or program then there may be various test cases that might need to be created to test separate sections of the program. The various test cases are normally gathered together and referred to as test suites, which is a set of test cases.

Integration Test Data

Test data is simply data that is...

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