Syringe Market : Current Scenario & Future

Topics: Hypodermic needle, Syringe, Insulin Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: August 31, 2011
1.1 Statement of Report
This report includes detailed study of disposable syringe market. It describes major drivers and restraints, technology trends and industry challenges for the disposable syringe market. It examines the market for blood collection sets, hypodermic access syringes and needles, insulin delivery devices and other specialty syringes and needles. The study also considers the disposable syringe supplies in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. This report also includes issues like needle-stick injuries, unsafe injection practices and infection control & safety. 1.2 About this Report

This study examines market dynamics, current market drivers and emerging trends within the disposable syringe markets. It also focuses on industry challenges and potential threats to syringe and needle supply manufacturers. The emphasis is on those companies actively developing and marketing products to hospitals, physicians and public for medically related use. 1.3 Scope of the report

The market segments for disposable syringes are:
1.Prefilled syringes
2.Safety syringes
3.Insulin injector pens
4.Needleless injectors
5.Hypodermic needles and syringes
6.Insulin needles and syringes
7.Specialty needles and syringes
This analysis provides an overview of individual disposable syringe market segments. The study provides detailed information about these segments which include: 1.Market share
2.Products available
3.Technological advancements
4.Major players
1.4 Objectives
Total market size of needle and syringes.
Type of market with respect to normal and auto lock syringes. •Indications for the use of a particular gauge Size.
Consumer pattern and typology
Market Intelligentsia
Retail market analysis
Complete study and documentation of the market practises and gimmicks by the different companies. •Complete portfolio on the various brands, variants with prices, available in the market place. •Observation on packing:...
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