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Symbolism of life

Topics: Time, Future, Present, Symbol, Past / Pages: 3 (662 words) / Published: Nov 14th, 2013
Symbolism in My Life There are things in life that represent who we are and what our life is like, these express what our past, present and future are. For example, a yin yang showing the good and the chaos from the, an Aum symbols for the present to symbolize serenity, and peace and shoes to represent the future and where life will take you. The significant objects for my past present and future are a music symbol, a yin yang, and a pair of shoes. The most significant symbol of my past would be a music note, I play instruments, I sing and music carried me through many rough times when I thought I was alone. The music note symbolizes the beauty of what life can be even the hardest of times if you have the sweetest of sounds as a sound track. It started when I was 10 and got my first instrument, my drum set. Being a female drummer was a dream of mine, they're sassy and mysterious. In fact, picking up drumsticks was by far the best decision I could have made at that time, without it I don't know where I would be. Drumming doesn’t just symbolize my past thought, it symbolizes the fact I made it through the roughest of times. Drumming shows patience, love, and being able to focus your mind on as many things as you can at once in order to create sound, love, and a way of life. When I first started drumming I didn’t think getting better was possible yet it happened, and was a reminder that no matter what goes on in life I will always have my sticks and my drums to get me through any hardships. The best way to symbolize my present would be a yin yang, chaos, and happiness, the chaos in happiness and the happiness in chaos. The yin yang symbolizes my present the best because of all of the hard times and good times that I have had. In the past year I have gotten in a lot of trouble and had some really hard times with my family, this being the darker part of a yin yang, being the “yin” in my life. The lighter part, the yang, symbolizes the good things in my life that have happened this past year, the good times, the way I have grown to be a stronger person, and many other events. I chose the yin yang as my present because none of the good would have happened without having the chaos, and the chaos without the good not being the right choice yet still being good. The yin yang is one of my favorite symbols, because it demonstrates balance, because without the right balance nothing is okay. When looking at the yin yang I know all the bad things on life or the good will balance out. My future is best symbolized in a pair of shoes, showing where life will take me. My personal belief is that going with the flow of life and being a decent human being will take me to all the right places I want to be or my need to be. The shoes show that my faith in being a good person and going with what life my give me and molding it to fit what I would like it to be will take my in the best sense of the word “home”. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Well that’s what I believe the shoes represent in my future, giving me something I can make and mold to fit who I am as a person. A music note, yin yang, and pair of shoes are the three most significant object to represent my past present and future. They each express who I was, who I am, and quite possibly who I will become. Those are the three most significant things I have to represent myself.

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