Sydney Tourism

Topics: Tourism, New South Wales, Management Pages: 5 (1647 words) Published: October 22, 2008

In this paper, we mainly focus on the relationship between tourism destination and tourism industry. We take Sydney as an actual case to analyze the management, marketing and interrelationship between industry and destination. The tourism industry brings an array of benefits and in part the 6.8 million people of New South Wales depend on it. Tourism provides jobs and generates tax revenues that fund government programs and services, contributing to the State’s quality of life. It creates and uses facilities that benefit residents across New South Wales. Sydney as one of the most popular destination in New South Wales, has the natural beauty, rich blend of cultures, energy and appetite make the harbors city a prime source of creativity and innovation. The

Tourism NSW

Tourism NSW is the State Government's tourism agency. It markets NSW tourism destinations and experiences and provides advice and direction on the development of sustainable tourism within the State. Sydney as on of the most successful tourism destination in Australia, the contribution of Tourism NSW should never be overlooked. In the destination management, Tourism NSW as a government agent has many special advantages in various aspects. •marketing NSW destinations and holiday experiences to domestic and international markets •working with, and providing advice to, industry, other government agencies and key stakeholders about the development of sustainable destinations •sharing our knowledge and expertise with industry to stimulate investment •developing private and public sector partnerships to grow and manage tourism All above is the basic role of Tourism NSW. Form the description of its role, we could find out that Tourism NSW promotes and supports the development of sustainable tourist destinations and experiences in Sydney and other regions in NSW.

Long term and Short term Plan

Tourism NSW makes both long term plan and short term plan for the tourism development in Sydney and other regions in NSW. Towards 2020 – New South Wales Tourism Masterplan is a commitment by the State Government to the future of tourism in New South Wales. It is about looking to the future with a firm understanding of the present. Towards 2020 is about planning for the next three years but moving towards where we want to be in the next 20 years. Long term plan will set up a goal for destination development and build a framework for management organization, but for the actual practice, a short term plan also is necessary. Tourism NSW Strategic Plan 2005-2008 is this kind of short term plan. This three-year strategic plan provides the direction and targets for the Tourism NSW. In this short term strategy plan, Tourism NSW outlines five corporate objectives. First, Build and convert awareness of NSW destinations in target markets. Two websites ( and were developed by Tourism NSW. They hope more and more tourists or potential tourists will choose those two website as their primary information source for travel in Sydney and NSW. Extend the reach of TNSW brands via industry and government partners. Tourism NSW realized that the relationship between government and private sector of tourism industry was really important for the development of destination. Based on this consideration, Tourism NSW got numerous partners from different sectors of tourism industry, such as The Wiggles in international tourism, Channel 7 and Pacific Magazines in media. Second, Tourism NSW shares its knowledge and expertise to improve industry effectiveness and stimulate investment. Identify tourism opportunities in the development of NSW destinations and assist the regional tourism industry to develop products and services. The engagement of tourism industry was important. So, Tourism NSW have a strong alliances with tourism industry, the ongoing communication program create a platform for tourism industry and Tourism NSW. Third,...
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