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SWOT sample Havas Sports Entertainment UK

-domestic market-reduced labor costs-barriers of market entry-high profitability and revenue-skilled workforce-monetary assistance provided|  |
-competitive market---small business units-unknown-costs-high loan rates are possible|  |
-venture capital-new acquisitions|
-increase in labor costs-global economy-price changes-financial capacity-tax changes-increasing rates of interest-external business risks-growing competition and lower profitability-unexpected problems|       INTERNAL| Strengths * Experience of teaching and education. * Teaching and coaching qualifications. * Clear communicator. * Adaptable to different roles within a job. * Time management . * Good leadership skills. * Positive outlook. * Committed to achieving a given goal. * Multimodal learning style (pragmatist, activist, theorist) * Competent in a managerial role eg Barracudas, PAMS, Runton. * I expect and want high standards. | Weaknesses * Tendency to take on too many activities/projects with little allowance for social time. * Find it hard to accept criticism. * Can be too ambitious. * Find reflection difficult in learning. * Availability of time. * Technical knowledge of spreadsheets, databases and programming of computers. * Need reassurance that I am performing a role well. * Find it difficult to be under the leadership of others.|      EXTERNAL | Opportunities * Seek out opportunities to gain coaching qualifications in new areas. * Aim to maintain and improve current coaching qualifications. * More teaching opportunities in SE England than elsewhere. * Many work experience opportunities. * 2012 Olympics provides job prospects and promotion of sport in UK. | Threats * Many other graduates in the field – competitive market. * Changing focus of school sports...
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