Switzerland, the Neutral Democracy Against Terror

Topics: Switzerland, Terrorism, United Nations Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: May 29, 2013
As one of the strongest and most liberal democracies in the world, Switzerland has a responsibility to fight terrorism. While terrorism within Switzerland’s boundaries is the government’s main concern, an attack on an ally is an attack on the entire free world. As part of the developed Western nations of the world Switzerland fears that it could be a target for extremist groups within or outside of Swiss borders. The government has taken and will continue to take steps to ensure that Swiss citizens and their property will not become victims of terror. While Switzerland remains perhaps, “the only truly neutral nation left in Europe”, this does not mean that Switzerland will not take stands where innocent citizens are being subjected (Ritter, Karl). Neutrality must not be confused with ignorance. The Swiss government emphasizes that while its responsibility is to Swiss citizens, this does not mean that it will be absent from world conflict. Switzerland endorses Resolution 522-13 with minor adjustments. Terrorism of any kind cannot be tolerated by the United Nations or the world.

Switzerland has noted the rise in terrorism in the 20th and 21st centuries and has taken steps to protect its citizens. The Swiss position is best described by Justice Minister Blocher, “Switzerland will worry about Switzerland, and the U.S. can worry about the rest of the world”. Blocher echoes the Swiss government’s position that it’s main concern is its citizens. This being said, Switzerland maintains that it is considered a low threat target for terrorist organizations but emphasizes that the country can be used as a transit point and logistics centre for Islamist groups (The Guardian). Even before becoming a United Nation’s member in 2001, Switzerland had UN style resolutions to deal with terrorism. Switzerland is a member of the Counter Terrorism Action Group and has endorsed international plans to take action against terrorism (Switzerland). Furthermore, Swiss officials have...
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