Swan Lake Response

Topics: Dance, Debut albums, Choreography Pages: 4 (737 words) Published: September 5, 2014
Performance Report
For my additional performance viewing, I attended a dance concert at The Ohio State University. Gone’s Goings was choreographed by Rodney A. Brown. Performed by a group of Ohio State dancers, Gone’s Goings was brought to life at Mershon Auditorium. The piece was choreographed to Ritual Union by Little Dragon and Suite for Ma Dukes by Miguel Atwood Ferguson and Carlos Nino. Overall, Gone’s Goings was a journey that used the blending of images such as planting seeds, growing, and traveling to create a story for the audience. As the story unfolded, more intricate parts were noticed. For example, there was a leader on the journey, which was the featured soloist throughout the piece of art. She had a distinct costume on and the other dancers seemed to follow her and mimic her movements. There seemed to be female dominance on this journey that was clearly present with only 4 males on the stage throughout the entire piece. The tribal music gave it an African feel, later emphasized by the grand hip rotations and grounded feel to the dancing. All of this was possible due to the use of a constant plié. Along with this, the entire piece had a funky and original feel to it. The costumes worn were normal, pedestrian clothing with lots of neon colors. The girls had a constant blue and purple pattern, which pulled everyone together and gave the piece a feeling of unity. This also brought about a very vibrant and colorful vibe. Big movements using every part of the body portrayed the group of dancers changing along the journey and growing into new people. Once they reached their destination, they were completely new individuals. Some of the movements remained throughout the piece, but as the journey continued, new repetitive movements were also introduced. The group of 4 men in the beginning of the piece was acting as the starting force that began the journey. The part where they were making sounds and building off of each other’s movements was the chain...
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