Swami and Friends

Topics: Malgudi, R. K. Narayan, Swami and Friends Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Swami and friends a first novel written by R. K. Narayan testifies ingeniousness of writer. R. K. Narayan created well known fictional town Malgudi. which provided setting of almost all Narayan's later Novels.

Malgudi is on bank of river Sarayu. Sarayu is a pride of Malgudi. It flows across north like a silver belt. Its sandbanks were the evening resort to people of Malgudi.

Swami and friends is a story of boy called Swaminathan. Who hates Monday loves Saturday. Throws away books and play cricket. He both feared and loathed school and loved to be at play ground.

Once embolden by patriotic spirit, he broken down window pane of his own school and it cost him to leave school and join other school. The new school gave him good thrashing. New school killed him almost all. He was totally exasperated and exhausted by amount work given at school.

Swami's world consist of only friends. His world both complete and incomplete, with and without friends. The tale of tail depicts whole story of friendship. Swami had around six friends in which four were basically for scholastic purpose. Remaining two i.e Mani and Rajam were his real friends to chill out.

Swami as a character is very interesting to read and explore his idiosyncrasies with the help of witty language is both engaging and entertaining.

Once swami's father dictates arithmetic problem.

Rama has ten mangoes with which he wants to earn fifteen annas. Krishna wants only four mangoes. How much will Krishna have to pay?

Now read description of swami's state of mind

swaminathan gazed and gazed at this sum, and every time he read it, it seemed to acquire a new meaning. He had the feeling of having stepped into a fearful maze...

His mouth began to water at the thought of mangoes. He wondered what made Rama fix fifteen annas for ten mangoes. What kind of a man was Rama? Probably he was like Sankar. Somehow one could not help feeling...
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