Sustainable Tourism

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Sustainable Tourism Final Exam Questions

Q1: Discuss roles of Information Technology Communication Technology in the development of sustainable tourism in a destination 1. Tourism Marketing
2. Local Communities Participation in Tourism Development 3. Education
4. Increased Customer Satisfaction
5. Staff Training

Q2: (a) List 5 challenges to sustainable tourism
1. Reducing Tourism Seasonality
2. Improving quality of Tourism Jobs
3. Minimizing Resource use and production wastes
4. Addressing impact of tourist transport
5. Non-linear relationships between cause and affect
(b) Discuss 3 reasons why sustainable tourism is difficult to achieve 1. Continuing boom in Tourism Demand
2. Continuing trend towards indulgences in pleasures rather than responsibility 3. Too few resources and too little time to react

Q3: (a) Identify key element that determine a destinations competitiveness and sustainability (List 5 and provide 2 examples for each) 1. Supporting Factors & Resources
* Accessibility & Hospitality
2. Core Resources and Attractions
* Special Events & Entertainment
3. Destination Management
* Organizing & Marketing
4. Destination, Policy, Planning and Development
* Vision & Development
5. Qualifying and Amplifying Determinants
* Location & Security/Safety
(b) Analyze socio-economic policies, which affect tourism development in a destination. (Discuss 3) 1. Environmental Policy
* Protecting wildlife, and endangers sites and species (ex. Fishing Seasons) 2. Customs and Immigration Policy
* What is permitted in and out of a country
* Visa and Passport restriction (ex. Americans and Cubans) 3. Taxation
* Bahamas = duty free, makes more affordable within the destination and more attractive to the tourist who can buy without taxes * Taxes for importing things that are not available can be high and costly –...
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