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Topics: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Operating system Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Susan Kare is a graphic designer (born in 1954, New York). She graduated from Mount Holyoke Collage and received MA and Ph.D. degrees from New York University. Currently Susan Kare lives in California, but her office is located in San Francisco. Her first job as a graphic designer was a part time job at a Science Museum in Philadelphia, she was 14 then, and she has been designing ever since. He work includes working with typefaces and, also, small number of pixels She is famous for creating the original icons’ design for Apple Macintosh. She also had a significant participation in designing Microsoft Windows 3.0 operating system.

Susan Kare was a creative director Apple 1982-1985. Macintosh interface is different from other computers. Macintosh has the bit-mapped interface. The Macintosh icons consist of thirty pixels square grid (900 dots). Susa Kare designs most of the original typefaces, icons and other Macintosh graphic elements. Her original design is still recognizable in many graphic elements in computer graphic tools and accessories. The most famous icons are: the trash can (for discarding files), the watch (which means the computer is busy and can not be used), and the portrait of a computer with a sly Mona Lisa smile (which means the machine is working). Typefaces like Chicago (the most known user interface seen in Classic), Geneva (the original Monaco typeface). Also she designed the command symbol on Apple keyboard.

The other design work she had done successfully is the project for Microsoft Windows operating system, where she helped to establish the look of operating system. The icons like those from Notepad and diverse Control Panels has still not changed. Nowadays, she is working as an artist, he work can be found in MOMA, San Francisco, and Iconic Bites – shop.

Susan Kare plays a significant role in a computer graphics system evolution. She introduced user-friendly design to technology. Karen’s bitmap graphic bridged the divide between...
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