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Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Gay Pages: 2 (258 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Survey Questions:
Please select one
-I oppose same-sex marriage
-I support same-sex marriage
-I don’t care

Do you know any one who is a homosexual?

Do you think that being a homosexual is something that you are born with? -Something you’re born with
-Something you choose
-Im not sure
- Don’t care

4. If same-sex marriage is legalized do you feel the “traditional” family will be threatened? -Yes
-Don’t care

Aside from religion do you think that there is any other valid reason for same-sex marriage to not be legalized? -Yes
-Don’t care

How strongly do yo feel about this topic?
-Very strongly
-Don’t care

On a scale of 1-5 how harmful is same-sex marriage?
-None -1

Interview Questions:
What do you think the main argument behind same-sex marriage is and why? Does the level of involvement of the gay community in the marriage issue disappoint you, and why? What are the most important benefits that many seek when dealing with same-sex marriage? Do you feel that the struggle for same-sex marriage and the struggle for women’s right to vote can be compared in any way, and why? Do you think that same-sex marriage will actually affect anyone or anything in a negative way? What is your overall opinion about same-sex marriage(good, bad, unsure etc.), and why? Do you think that same-sex marriage goes against family values, why or why not?
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