Survey of Mathematical Methods

Topics: Question, Dermatology, Answer Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Chapter 12 Supplement
MAT126: Survey of Mathematical Methods
Farshad Foroozan
July 7, 2012

I chose problem number 6:
6. In an ad for moisturizing lotion, the following claim is made; “… it’s the # 1 dermatologist recommended brand.” What is misleading about the claim (Bluman, 2005)?

Suspect samples, detached statistics, and implied connections are all used in this misleading claim. Companies use a variety of different techniques to help promote and sell their products. Marketing firm’s advertisings can be very persuasive to buyers. This claim is very misleading because there is not enough data given to back up their statement that the lotion is the # 1 dermatologist recommended brand. There was no information on how many dermatologists were involved in the testing, or how many other brands were actually tested. Was the sample random? How many other brands were in the testing? Were the other brands tested a high quality? How many dermatologists participated in the testing? Were the dermatologist used in the testing familiar with all the lotions available and tested this particular lotion against the most well-known for skin problems? What feature or result of the lotion was the most impressive? The texture? It’s longevity? The perfume smell? The size or amount? The price? The lotions functionality? Was this testing for one function of the lotion or for the lotions overall qualities? Without a side to side comparison or at least data showing the differences between this lotion and others I would say buyer beware.

b. Select one even problem from exercises 11 through 22 on pages 811-812. As you answer the questions above, identify what types of misrepresentation or misuse have been demonstrated by referring to the bold blue headings in the “Chapter 12 Supplement” (e.g., Suspect Samples, Asking Biased Questions, Misleading Graphs, etc.). The assignment must include (a) all math work required to answer the problems as well as (b) introduction and...
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