Surveillance Technology

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Public Surveillance Technology: Way to make our city safer or just to invade our privacy

Prepared for:
Mr. Abdus Selim
Course Instructor
ENG 105.10

Prepared by:
Ehsan Majid
BBA 1010175030

North South University
December 20, 2011


I have completed my English 105 research paper on the Public Surveillance Technology and its contributions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my course instructor, Abdus Selim, because I would not have been able to complete this work without his support, kindness, guidance and help. I would also like to express my gratefulness to all those students of North South University who were kind enough to fill up my questionnaires used for primary research, and my family and friends who have helped me complete this research.


In my research paper titled “Public Surveillance Technology: Way to make our city safer or just to invade our privacy”, I was trying to get the general feeling people had toward the issue of surveillance technology and whether it is being adequately used to protect the people from any unfair means or to hamper the privacy of normal people. I was trying to prove that public surveillance technology is not used for the safety of our society only; it can be used for atrocious reasons also. To test my hypothesis, I used both primary and secondary research methods. For my primary method, I made a questionnaire with 12 questions composed of 4 Multiple Choice Questions, 1 Open Ended Questions, 6 Close Ended Questions and 1 continuum question. I distributed these questionnaires to a sample size of 30 and after collecting and analyzing the data, presented my findings. For my secondary research, I only browsed the web for information, where it was relatively abundant. I found that both the primary and secondary research findings backed up my hypothesis thus proving it correct and valid.


* Backgrounds and rationale

Personal privacy is the foundation of all freedom.
- Paul A. Strassmann

The topic on which I conducted my research is “Public Surveillance Technology: Way to make our city safer or just to invade our privacy”. As we all know, public surveillance technology has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years and it has now transitioned from just a precaution to a necessity. Public surveillance technology is vast. Computer surveillance, Telephones, Surveillance cameras, Social network analysis, Biometric surveillance, Aerial surveillance etc are part of the technology. In November of 1919, the new Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began a nationwide surveillance and dragnet against suspected communists and anarchists, known as the Palmer Raids. By January 20, 1920, some 4,000 people in 33 cities had been arrested, of whom 600 were eventually deported. The first CCTV system was installed in Peenemünde, Germany in 1942, for observing the launch of V-2 rockets. The noted German engineer Walter Bruch was responsible for the design and installation of the system. The use of CCTV later on became very common in banks and stores to discourage theft, by recording evidence of criminal activity. Along with time, it grew up to be a weapon to hamper privacy of general people. Numerous civil rights groups and privacy groups oppose surveillance as a violation of people's right to privacy.

* Hypothesis

My hypothesis is that though public surveillance technology was made with an intention to protecting general people, it is now being used in interfering people’s privacy.

* Significance of study

I believe that my research topic is relatively unknown to general people and is neglected by most. My research has shed some light on the existing condition of public surveillance technology’s contributions and its effect on our society. In my survey I tried to show what people think of its use all over our head all the time. My...

References: 1 Johnston-Dodds, Marcus Nieto Kimberly and Simmons, Charlene Wear (2002). Public and Private Applications of Video Surveillance and Biometric Technologies. Retrieved from
2 Kim, Mun-Cho. Surveillance Technology, Privacy and Social Control. Retrieved from


Sample Questionnaire
Research Proposal
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