Survay Research on Villians

Topics: Ranking, Question, The Lion King Pages: 4 (1592 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Evolution of Evil
Since television had become a household product in 1947 it has been used by parents to help educate their children in a certain manner to which they may understand depending on their age. In present day America television shows such as Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow usually start by teaching basic skills such as reading, writing, and spelling to infants by using different methods such as the alphabet song to make it easier for kids to comprehend. These shows and others alike also began to teach morality such as sharing, doing your part, and helping others less fortunate by using certain mascots such as a giant purple dinosaur to appeal to their childish behavior while teaching them lessons they will use all of their life. Once these lessons are fully comprehended by the kids villains, such as Scar from The Lion king and Plankton from SpongeBob, specifically geared toward children were introduced to expose children to character traits that opposed the very morals that were taught to them. These villains were usually inherently evil usually having no reason to oppose the hero other than simple emotions such as jealously or greed being their motivation to do actions that are deemed as bad such as lying, cheating, and stealing. As these kids grow up and deal with certain situations with real villains in their own life their perception of true evil changes as they experience more own their own and develop more complex in depth relationships with people. As these kids mature into teens and adults that can comprehend more complex emotions, the villains that are portrayed in the media obtain more human like features. I decided the best way to gain useful information would be to survey thirty college student that are in my age group so I could determine which villain that was created for children in the 1990’s is the most memorable and why. Then compare how they differ from the villains that are created for those same kids ten years later in...
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