Surgery During the American Revolution

Topics: New Jersey, Hygiene, Human body Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: April 10, 2011
American HistoryHour 2 2/2/2011
Surgery during the American Revolution
Surgery during the American Revolution and the war was not always pretty, in fact most of the time it was horrible and unsanitary. Doctors at the time had a very little understanding of how the human body functioned, especially compared today's knowledge. The doctors where not normally trained and had a bad conception of sanitation, hygiene, healthy food, clean water, and how not to spread harmful diseases. The most common civil war surgery was the amputation. (field surgery). It was not uncommon at all to see a fellow war soldier with a missing arm or leg, this was a very visitable reminder or the negative sides of war. There were painful things done to try and save a fellow-men in emergencies by those who had really no idea how to go about it properly. Another common way people thought was a good way to cure the body of any disease back then was called “bleeding.” Bleeding is the precess of opening a vein, and mean while keeping the soldier relaxed, as the blood pores out of the body and into a pale. No operation of surgery was so frequently used as much as bleeding ( of bleeding). Bleeding was normally performed after any type of injury to the body that was not miner and didn't need to be amputated. Bleeding was also a way that people thought would get a disease out of your body, although that is not how it works, some people died, when they did not have too. Surgeons did not know how much damage they were causing when this accrued, but they knew enough to let a small child bleed less then a grown soldier. But they often let the patients bleed until they fainted, which was a long time for some, who soon died after the passed out.(of bleeding). The damage caused from this were very high and hard to fix, it was often hard to stop the bleeding, and if it was it left huge wounds that were not easily headed.(of bleeding). The troubles that soldiers went threw in was were some of the...
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