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Course Syllabus: Logistics I - Introduction to Logistics
Course Material Prepared by:  Craig Douglas
**I do not take marks off for late assignments, but I ask you to follow the course syllabus as best as possible.  Please ensure that all assignments are in to me by email before the last day of the course.**            

Course Name

Introduction to Logistics (CN SCM 110)


Explore Basic Logistics

Text Book

Contemporary Logistics 10th Edition
Author(s): Paul R. Murphy Jr.
And Donald F. Wood
Date Published : 2011
Publisher : Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-611077-0

Assignments / Marking

30% Three Book Case Studies (Individual Basis)
15% “Take Home Test” (Individual Basis)
5% EOQ Mathematical Question (Individual Basis)
50% Final Exam (Individual Basis)


On-line Course

Week 1
(Chapter 1)

Logistics and the Supply Chain
Course Outline      
Economic Impacts of Logistics      
Logistics:  What is it      
The Increased Importance of Logistics      
Activities in the Logistics Channel      
As your first step in getting started with this course, please introduce yourself in the Student Profiles.  Please share who you are, where you work, what your comfort level with the on-line technology is, and what is your reason for taking this program?  Attach a photo if you are able.     

Week 2
(Chapter 2)

Logistics and Information Technology
General Types of Information Management Systems      
Electronic Commerce and Logistics      
Electronic Data Interchange
Enterprise Resource Planning

Week 3
(Chapter 3)

Logistics Systems Controls
Financial and Accounting Controls      
Worker Productivity      
Product Recalls      
Controlling Returned and Salvaged Goods      
Pilferage and Theft
Maintaining Channel and Supply-Chain Integrity

Week 4
(Chapter 4)

Managerial Issues in Logistics
Theft and Pilferage      
Logistics Social Responsibility      
Managing Reverse Logistics      
Lessening the Impact of Terrorism on Logistics Systems
Week 5
(Chapter 5)

The Supply-Chain Concept
Key Attributes of Supply-Chain Management      
Barriers to Supply-Chain Management      
Supply Chain Management and Integration Summary
Case Study One: Read Case 5-1 “Johnson Toy Company”. Answer questions 1 to 8 (See assignment instructions posted). Your answers are to be submitted to the submissions icon before the end of the week.

Week 6
(Chapter 6)

Purchasing for Resale      
Procuring Services      
Quality Programs      
Purchasing Ethics
Week 7
(Chapter 7)

Demand Management, Order Management and Customer Service
Order Management      
The Role of Logistics in Establishing Customer Service Levels       Measuring and Controlling Customer Service      
Meeting Customer Service Demands
Case Study Two:  Read Case 7-1 “Handy Andy, Inc.”. Answer questions 1 to 8 (See assignment instructions posted). Your answers are to be submitted to the submissions icon before the end of the week.

Week 8
(Chapter 8)

Inventory Management
Inventory Classifications      
Inventory Related Costs      
When to Order      
How Much to Reorder      
Inventory Flows      
Special Concerns to Inventory Management
EOQ Mathematical Questions (See handout for assigned question).  Your answers are to be submitted to the submissions icon before the end of the week.  

Week 9
(Chapter 9)
Your copy of the take home test is located in the Lecture Tab for lecture 9.

Distribution Centre, Warehouse and Plant Location
Logistics Acronyms (See Acronyms Attachment)      
General Factors Influencing Facility Locations      
Finding the Lowest Cost Location      
Facility Relocation and Facility Closing      
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