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Topic: Ateneans believe in superstitions
Now days that new generation have developed their own lifestyle as very different as before the later generations, many cultures died, forgotten and unexrecised by now. This thing is happening because of now rapidly growing technology, commercializations, industrializations and globalizations. One of the cultures, which have totally affected by these things, is our beliefs. Beliefs that have the tendency to change even in a short period because every person has a unique cognitive aspect in viewing things. We are the one who make a decision, which things the things and we going to believe are not going to believe. Others may influence our ability to think but in the end, we are still the one, which will segregate things that we are going to believe. I came up on a decision to choose an example of beliefs which I am going to research for an answer whether it is still beliveng by others. Those beliefs are the superstition beliefs and that others are the ateneans of these days. Statement of the Problem

Definitions of Terms:
Review of Related Studies:
A research study entitled “ The Superstitions of Today’s Clooge Students” was conducted by Iu V. Saenko and her congregates, the research where conducted in Russia at Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute during December 2005. It used the written questionnaire survey as the main method for obtaining the primary data. The Study sample consisted of 132 students in the faculty of history and physics and mathematics, 45 men and 87 women. The research findings of this study revealed that 76.7% of the students always or sometimes believe in and act on superstitions. The 44.4% completely and implicitly believe in signs and omens and always act on them, 32.3% partially believe in such things and sometimes act on the, and 23.3% do not believe in superstitions or act on them. The research findings of this study show that 68.18% of the Education students are on the average levels of superstitions beliefs, 1.70% has high level of superstitious belief and 30.11% have low level of superstitious beliefs. Research Design

The researcher was chose this topic because it may enlighten the people who may read this research that we should save and nurture the culture we have. It mat also verifies the characteristics of culture stated in the book of Panopio and Rolda that cultures specifically beliefs are changing adapted and others. The method used to gather data in this study is survey to questionnaire. A research instrument to gather the information needed in this study was made. This is the sample of the questionnaires distributed on the respondents. Every respondent was allowed to check more than one superstition beliefs as long as he/she believes in it. The title of the research was not written in the questionnaire because some may have the tendency to be bias and not answer it seriously. The question like “do you believe in superstitions?” was also not stated for the same reason as said above. Data collection:

Data collection happened on October 1 and 2. A total of 30 served as respondents which were the Ateneans. The place where the data collection gathered was inside the Ateneo De Naga campus. The respondents were asked to check which is/are the superstitions they is/are still believe. If they believed none of those, they were asked not to check it. Analysis of Data

The data collected from the 30 respondents based on the personal information and answers to the question given hem were tallied, counted by the researcher. He worked on the different personal information data such as, gender, age...

Bibliography: Borebon, Janice T., et al. 2006. Levels of superstitious belief and anxiety of students of the College of Education, Ateneo De Naga University. March 2006. The Superstitions of College Students-Microsoft Internet Explorer
October, 2009
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