Topics: United States, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Girl Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: September 30, 2013
RHETORICAL ANALYSIS ON "THE MYTH OF A LATIN WOMAN:I JUST MET A GIRL"BY Judith Ortiz Cofer The Media perpetuated stereotypes as Latin women as sex objects. This Media such as videos and songs.

Judith Ortiz Cofer,the girl who wrote,"The Myth of Latin woman:......" talks about how Latin women are been classified.i.e.,their appearance.Thier appearance shows that Latin women are good for sex and the way they dress attracts guys to sleep with them.She talks about how the children of her generation are been raised up.In page 371,it states,"...Puerto Rican mothers also encourage their daughters to look and act like women and dress in clothes our Anglo friends and their mothers found too "Mature"for our age.This quote means the teenage girls are been raised in a home of iresponsible parents,the reason i'm saying this is because as good parents,they are suppose to teach their children how to be focused on school and their future instead of allowing them to think they are already grown.the quote also means the teenage girls are been raised in such a way that they will act mature whiles they are still young. Maria talks about how she decribes herself.She describes herself as a Hispanic Girl who is been raised in a Christian home.She also talks about how She moved from her country to the United States and tried to act like the Americans.Her Style of dressing and attending parties are different.As a teenager she was been thought on how to be a proper senorita.In page 371 paragragh 2-3,it states,"As a puerto Rican girl growing in the United States and wanting like most children to "Belong".I resented a stereotype that many Hispanic appearance called forth from many people I met". paragraph 3,"As a girl i was kept under strict surveillence,since virtue and modesty were,by...
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