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A Design Project Submitted to the
Department of Engineering and Information Technology,

In partial fulfillment for the degree,
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


MARCH 2014
Nowadays, computer games are widely being used as part of entertainment. Indigenous games are a thing of the past. Year after year, innovations are being made for every technology that existed.
One of the very popular games in the Philippines is the Sungka. Sungka is played with a boat-shape board with fourteen holes in two rows and a large hole at each end. (Source: Culin, S. ,(1900) 'Philippine Games', in American Anthropologist (New Series); 2: 654 ) This game is widely distributed through Asia and Africa where Arab influences have penetrated. In Ceylon it is called chanca, and at Johore, Straits Settlements, ckongkak. The arrangement of the board in both cases is the same as in the Philippine game. (Source: Culin, S. (1984) 'Mancala: The National Game of Africa', in Report of the National Museum, Philadelphia (USA): 597-611.)

Sungka is a part of the Philippine identity. Although the game is a variation of the same format in other parts of the world. The distinct name and ruling makes it really a part of the Philippine culture as it is used for more or less than a century.

The trend in technology today is the use of robotics and artificial intelligence which is a product of applied science. The challenge spurt out from the controversial winning of the IBM supercomputer named Deep Blue to Garry Kasparov, considered as the greatest chess player of all time. The first game of the 1996 match was the first game to be won by a chess-playing computer against a reigning world champion under normal chess tournament conditions, and in particular, classical time controls. (

The search for new algorithms for robotic mechanisms and artificial intelligence never stops. May it be a simple object picking or a simple game, all are contributory to the robotic and artificial intelligence enthusiast community. The support of a new technology to the old one is very vital as it suggests new theories that set the bar higher for what human intelligence can think and how far it will go.

The researchers then came up by having this study entitled Sungka Artificial Intelligent Robot which is a fusion of an indigenous game and the power of robotics and artificial intelligence. Statement of the Problem

Sungka is a logic game and the system makes use of robotics and artificial intelligence to create a new twist in gaming and technology. In a robot enabled game, in order to be really engaging, needs accurate and reliable values for the gamer to trust the system. Thus, how will the robot be accurate in its mechanism to ensure fair play to its user?

The system makes use of robotic parts, which is mainly composed of metallic parts. Thus, how will the project ensure the safety of the gameplay and its user-friendliness?
For a project to be successful, it must be cost-effective and reliable as well. Along with this, effectiveness must be coherent to its performance. Thus, how will the robot be practical in accordance to its cost effectiveness? Objective of the Study

Generally, the study aims to develop Sungka Artificial Intelligent Robot. Specifically, it aims to:
1. Plan the entire layout and organization of the Sungka Artificial Intelligent Robot. 2. Analyse the problems and create solutions.
3. Design the software and hardware that is cost-efficient, optimal, and reliable. 4. Evaluate the over-all experience of the user with the system; and the over-all performance, reliability and accuracy of the whole system....
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