Summit Power Limited: The First Bangladeshi Independent Power Producer

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Balance sheet, Financial ratios, Financial ratio / Pages: 56 (13821 words) / Published: Apr 11th, 2012
Executive Summary
We have done our project on Summit Power Ltd. We have generated all of the required ratios from the year 2005-2009. Here, we did the All the common size statements and the average and growth rate. And we also forecasted the next 2 financial year’s income statement & balance sheet. All of the ratios has been describe and interpreted based on their financial report and the result we get. We analyzed all the ratios upturns and downturns and suggested according to the circumstance. We also included graphs and charts in this project for each ratio to have a quick check. Throughout the project we try to analyze the financial ratios of DSE listed company named Summit Power Limited and others in Power industries and compared with Summit power. And it’s Risk, return, Dividend policy and WACC.
We tried as transparent accountability as possible according to financial report provided by the company.

We entirely relied on the financial statements of the Summit Power and other five companies chosen from the same industries for the purpose of preparing the reports. To know further information about the company we have also access to their web sites, as well as various newspapers available in libraries and the Internet. On the other side, we go to the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) to get the information of financial reports of Summit power and others. We however still do not know much about their external and internal operations, as we are neither the part of the company management, nor the shareholders of the companies. We did many discussions and were able to acquire lots of information to make our decision.
Company Overview
Summit Power Limited (SPL), sponsored by Summit Group, is the first Bangladeshi Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Bangladesh and until now the only local company in private electricity generation and supply business providing power to national grid. SPL was incorporated in Bangladesh on March 30, 1997 as a Private

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