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Plot summary the birds
Set in a small Cornish seaside town on December the third, there is a sudden change in weather from autumn to winter. A war veteran, Nat Hocken, living in the town and working part time for a farm owner notices a large number of birds behaving strangely along the peninsula where his family lives. He attributes this to the sudden arrival of winter. That night, he hears a tapping on his bedroom window and encounters a bird. This bird has only drawn blood on Nat's hand, but as the night progresses he encounters more birds, especially flocking into his children's room. The birds are defeated by dawn. He reassures his wife that the birds were restless because of a sudden change in the weather. The next day, Nat tells his fellow workers about the night's events, but they place no importance on his warning. As Nat later walks to the beach to dispose of the dead birds, he notices what appears to be the white of the waves on the sea, but is actually a great line of packed seagulls waiting for the tide to rise. When Nat arrives home, he and his family hear, over the radio, that birds are attacking all over Britain, presumably because of the unnatural weather. Nat decided to board up the windows and chimneys of his house. He notices more birds, including the gulls, above the sea waiting for the tide. He rushes to pick up his daughter, Jill, from the school bus stop to save her from the approaching attack. On his way back Nat spots his boss, Trigg, who has a car, and persuades him to give Jill a lift home. Trigg cheerfully professes to be unfazed by the announcements and plans on shooting at the birds for fun. He invites Nat to come along, but Nat rejects Trigg's offer and continues home, knowing that hunting them would be futile. Just before he reaches home, the gulls descend, attacking him with their beaks. Luckily, Nat manages to reach the cottage with only minor injuries. Soon, massive flocks of birds attack. A national emergency is declared on the radio, and people are told not to leave their homes. For safety, Nat brings the family into the kitchen for the night, and during their dinner they hear what sounds like gunfire from planes overhead, followed by the sound of the planes crashing. The attacks die down, and Nat calculates that they will only attack at High tide. The next day, when the tide recedes, Nat sets out to obtain supplies from his neighbors. He finds piles of dead birds around the houses; those birds that are still alive peer at him from a distance. Nat walks to the farm where he is employed, only to find Trigg and his wife dead. Later he finds the postman's body by the road; soon he comes to the realization that his neighbors have all been killed by the birds. Nat returns home with the supplies but soon the birds attack once again. Nat smokes his last cigarette. He throws the empty pack into the fire and watches it burn. Farmhand and war veteran Nat Hocken notices an unusual number of birds behaving strangely along the Peninsula where his family lives, but attributes it to the coming winter. That night, he hears tapping at his bedroom window. When he opens it, he is assaulted by a frightened bird. Some time passes, and the tapping resumes. As Nat opens the window again, a number of birds strike him and disappear. He then hears screams from his children's room and rushes to them, only to find a swarm of small birds flying around the room. Nat fights them off with a blanket until dawn, when they fly away, leaving about fifty dead on the floor. He reassures his wife that the birds were restless because of the sudden change in weather.

The next day Nat tells his fellow workers about the night's events, but they give it little importance. As he goes to the beach to dispose of the dead birds' carcasses, he notices over the sea what looks like dark clouds, are actually tens of thousands of seagulls waiting for the tide to rise.

When Nat gets home, he and his family can hear over the radio...
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