Summary of Flight from the Conversation

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Evaluation for “the Flight from Conversation”
Time flows; things change. The development of technology enables people to both access the world and people more rapidly. We immediately know the news that happen all over the world because of the Internet; we make friends with people thousands miles away through social networks; and we can have artificial intelligence or applications like SimSimi to accompany us when we are lonely. With time, these connections can start to replace real face-to-face conversation. In comparing the two different kinds of communications --conversation and mere connection-- in her writing “Flight from Conversation,” the M.I.T psychologist and professor, Sherry Turkle reveals the trends of a plugged-in life that are part of in our technological universe; at the same time, she clearly shows that technologies provide the illusion of “companionship without the demands of relationship,” making people feel lonely even when they connect with others. Taking a stand as a partisan for communication as she states, Turkle not only worries about this tendency to substitute connection for conversation but also encourages people to have real conversation. Turkle also offers several solutions for our “alone together” state of being and urges us with “Let’s start the conversation.” I agree with Turkle that despite the fact that technology connects people more than ever, people forget to care, to listen to each other, and to cherish their friendship under the influence of mere connection. Turkle argues that “WE” have been entering the information era since the late 20th century. We are less likely to remain in the same life pattern we had centuries ago in this fast-paced life. Our lives depend on technology and somehow it is so important that we cannot live without it. Technology devices which most the younger generations carry around are so powerful that “they change not only what we do, but also who we are.” Therefore, we’ve become accustomed to a new...
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