Sullivan's Interpersonal Model: Advantages and Disadvantages

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­­­­­Sullivans Interpersonal Model

Socsci 102

Interpersonal Model

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Harry Stack Sullivan (September 18, 2013l psychiatry or Interpersonal Psychoanalysis He proposed interpersonal theory of personality.
He explained the role of interpersonal relationships and social experiences in shaping personality. He also explained about the importance of current life events to psychopathology. The theory further states that the purpose of all behavior is to get needs met through interpersonal interactions and decrease or avoid anxiety. Harry Stack Sullivan was the first American theorist to construct a comprehensive personality theory in which he believed that development of the personality occurred within the context of the social group. Sullivan also identified different personifications or images that individuals develop. These may be accurate or distorted by needs and anxiety. They include the Bad Mother/Good Mother, the Me Personification, and the Eidetic Personification

Disadvantages of Credit Unions
Limited Branch Locations and ATMs. Many credit unions only operate in one location. Even though their smaller, community-based focus is what attracts many credit union customers, it may be one of the inconveniences of banking with them. However, note that many credit unions belong to shared ATM networks, which eliminates this issue. Most Are Insured, but Not All. Like banks and the FDIC, a federal credit union is also insured by the U.S. government. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the independent government agency that charters and supervises credit unions. However, while most credit unions are insured by the NCUA, some aren’t,  and your money is vulnerable should the credit union fail. Fewer Services. While credit unions have come a long way in matching the services you’d expect from a bank, not all offer the wide array of services that full-service banks do. If you need a large commercial mortgage loan, for example, your city credit union may not be able to provide you with one. Available services vary by institution.


Sullivan believed that relationships do in fact change and affect the developmental stages of a person's life during the course of their life. He thought that as people change it can affect or change the relationship they have with others. Sullivan believed that a person only has in their mind what has been embedded there through interpersonal relationships and those experiences had with other people. He did not believe that the mind could contain anything more than that. He believed that a person is only motivated by the environmental influences that stem from interpersonal relationships, and that an individual is not motivated or driven by their instincts at all. Based on Sullivan's beliefs there would not be the presence of free will because he was of the mindset that people have only what is put there as determined through these interactions with others.
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