Sugar Free Chocolate Marketing Plan

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New Product: Sugar-free chocolates

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The Company
S Date of creation: 1986 S President: Philippe Jambon S Producer and seller of chocolate S French company S Number of shops: 284 shops in France and 34 abroad S Franchisee business


Macroenvironmentalanalysis and Market analysis
S Macro environmental analysis
S The economical and social parts are significant in this

business environment. The more people have money to spend, the more they can spend for expensive brands. Consumers are ready to spend on quality for its image and the value it gives S Market analysis

S Bargaining power of customers: Customers are really

important to develop our market and they have a big power of bargaining because of the number of competitors in our market. 3

Competitors and Positionning

S Competitors
S Indirect: French chocolatiers and companies that target the upper

class and people who want to buy chocolate for Christmas, Easter.... 35 and 45 euros per kilo.

S Direct: Belgian chocolatiers and chainsthatsellchocolatebetween S Future: Small producer who can develop and gro. S Positioning (Attachements)


Marketing Offer ( Product)
S The product: Chocolates
S Brand: Jeff De Bruges S Quality of service: Very good quality.

S Physical characteristics: The chocolates can have different form.

S Pricing
S Rebate: For faithful consumers S Method of payment: cash, credit card and cheque. S Price of the product: Basic and Better product. 5

Marketing Promotion / Service marketing elements/ Swotanalysis S Marketing Promotion S Choice of the distribution channel: Direct channels

S Marketing communication: Large campaign
S Service marketing elements

S People: No service after sale.

S Location and accessibility: Stores and the headquarters
S Swot analysis S Jeff de Bruge is a company which has a very good image and

some opportunities with the new emerging market. However his market depend of the international calendar and there is the 6 emerging of discounter on the market.

Market Segmentation
Product : High quality, Elegant Packaging

Consequences:Wide range of customers targeted18-80

years old

Medium incomes customers & High incomes customers Shops in the street next to the biggest chocolate makers (Customers ++) Malls (Shopping Arcade) + Mass-Market retailing for a few number of products. Wide range of products to maximize its offer (Price range : between 2 and 44€)

Concerning AIO (Activity, Interest, Opinions)

Consumers who often go out, go to restaurant, who like food (& chocolate) Consumers with refined tastes concerning cooking.


Consumers who give (& receive) gifts like chocolate or flowers when they’re invited.


Achievable Marketing Objectives – Nextyear
Marketing strategy

Product development strategy

Next year Jeff de Bruges will developed a new product of sugar-free chocolate mainly for its existing customers Healthy lifestyle as a global trend supports this product idea

Desired market segmentation

Next year Jeff de Bruges will target mainly the same customer segment, but also try to attract new customers The customers who are aware of healthy products and people who do not eat chocolate because of sugar.


Desired marketing-mix

Next year Jeff de Bruges will emphasize to promoting the new product by campaigns and advertisements 8

Achievable Marketing Objectives – Nextyear
Marketing objectives as a result of the SWOT

The good reputation of the company gives good changes for launching a new product Be aware of the global trends, competitors and market changes

Keep the good quality of services and products

Position (perceptual gaps)

Next year Jeff de Bruges will highlight the different healthy product they have to offer which gives a new positive aspect for the whole...
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