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I selected Steve, Singh as a successful entrepreneur. The reason I selected Singh is because he had a lot of experience dealing with entrepreneurship. “His reputation as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Seattle area is an asset to our West Coast franchise." Singh acquired some of his entrepreneurial skills while serving as a general manager for Symantec Corporation. This company is an international software firm. Their main focus is to protect information and computer systems. “Singh serves on various boards including RightNow Technologies and the Washington Roundtable. He also serves as chairman of the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) Foundation Board.” Singh show signs of motivation as well as dedication. These are two very important qualities to have when dealing with entrepreneurship. These different organizations that Singh was involved with shows his motivation as well as his dedication to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I think it is important to get involved with as many things as possible when dealing with entrepreneurship. This is important because this is how you learn to build a strong foundation for your organization. I believe Singh created a strong foundation, by becoming a chairman within these different organizations. Its seems as if Singh didn’t wait for things to come his way he looked for different opportunities to improve himself and seized them when they came along.

These different characteristics and traits that Singh embodies are things that I try to pride myself on as well. I selected Singh because he somewhat reminds me of myself. I too want to become an entrepreneur. I know I won’t be able to do this over night and it will take lots of knowledge as well as skill in order to reach this goal. Singh showed signs of hard work and dedication which in turn made him a success.
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