Topics: Homework, Education, Study skills Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: August 22, 2013
David Akande
Jan 2nd 2013
Teacher: Ms. Anderson
Title: Let’s cut homework in half

Doesn’t anyone else get tired of homework, staying up late at night till about 12 in the morning only to wake up at about 5:30 just to catch a bus and then you go to school struggling to stay awake in class? Then when you fall asleep in class from exhaustion your teacher wakes you up and everyone in your class stares at you and it’s embarrassing. But all of these problems can be resolved if there is a decent amount of homework given to students every day. Too much homework is a very important issue and topic because kids don’t have the opportunity to be kids anymore because of homework; kids can’t go to sports and do extracurricular activities. Nowadays, too much homework is over whelming and it has come to the point that when kids come home from school the first thing they do is homework and the last thing they do before they go to bed is homework. The National Education Association recommends that kids have a total of ten minutes per grade level of homework per night. Anything above that is excessive. From past times that I have done homework, on some occasions, the homework that I have done is something entirely different from what we have learned in class. Sometimes I spend about 5 hours doing home work for one teacher and the teacher doesn’t collect it, so I don’t even get a grade for all the time and hard work I put in doing my work and I ask myself why put us through all that homework and not even give us a grade for it? An excessive amount of homework given to a student can cause stress and exhaustion, kids need to have free time and rest so they can be ready to learn the next day. If a kid spends his entire day and night working on homework he/she will be too tired or stressed out to do any work at school, less homework will help a kid cope with stress, it will give kids the chance to get exercise instead of sitting in a chair writing for 5 hours. Many people...
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