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November 2012
November 2012
Dillon Agyemang
Honors Lit Report
Dillon Agyemang
Honors Lit Report

Hounded, the 1st of The Iron Druid Chronicles series was written by a newly found author named Kevin Hearne. All books in the series are urban fantasy. This aspect of the books makes them very intriguing because they combine a lot of fantasies and mythology (and not only vampires and werewolves) with the modern day world. The protagonist in Hounded, as well as the rest of the series, is Atticus O’Sullivan. Or at least that’s the name he’s taken on for now. You see, Atticus is a Druid, or a magical being that has the power to shape-shift into certain animals, conduct some magic, and draw power from the earth by a connection through a tattoo up his or her arm. Atticus is a special Druid because he is the last real Druid. There are many in this age that calls themselves Druids because they choose to live as they did. But Atticus also has one other special feature: he can live forever.

From the outside, Atticus looks like a handsome, 21-year-old, Irishman with red hair and goatee, a sarcastic sense of humor, a cool accent, and a tattoo up his arm. He owns a bookstore in Tempe, Arizona that sells rare books, mainly on the magic side, as well as some herbal teas and other concoctions at his apothecary counter. But Atticus is something much more than a bookstore owner: he’s a Druid. But he’s more special yet. Atticus is in possession of a very powerful magical sword, called Fragarach (FRAG ah rah), the Answerer. It can cut through any armor. It also has many other qualities like making someone held up at its point answer any question asked to them truthfully, hence its name, the Answerer. With this sword in his possession, Atticus has become a great target for many powerful beings, one of which is Aenghus Óg (Angus OHG), the Celtic god of love who, by the way, doesn’t show much love in the novel at all. Aenghus believes that Fragarach belongs to him and he...
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