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Topics: Blood, Heart, Artery Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 6, 2013
1. An EKG contains eight precordial leads. FALSE
2. In Records of blood pressure, the diastolic measurement appears first, followed by a slash, and then the systolic measurement. FALSE 3. Prothrombin is essential to the clotting process. TRUE
4. Chemotherapy destroys selected cells or impairs their ability to reproduce. TRUE 5. Arteriogram is radiography of a particular artery. TRUE
6. ECG and EKG are abbreviations for echocardiogram. FALSE
7. AIDS is a direct result of an HIV infection. TRUE
8. The bipolar leads of an EKG record the electrical activity in the chest. FALSE 9. The left ventricle is the upper chamber of the heart. FALSE 10. After pulmonary circulation and the exchange of gases, oxygenated blood returns to the heart via the pulmonary vein 11. What class of drugs is used to treat irregular heart rhythm? antiarrhythmic 12. Removal of a clot is termed thrombectomy.

13. Which of the following is another name for the mitral valve? Bicuspid 14. Hypotensive describes low blood pressure.
15. Codes for procedures performed on a patient are found in the CPT-4 book. 16. Vascular pertains to a vessel.
17. A substance produced by the body that destroys an antigen in the body is an antibody. 18. The combining form in cardiomegaly means heart.
19. Which of the following means germ or bud? Blast/o
20. The liquid portion of the blood left after the clotting process is called serum. 21. Immun/o is the combining form meaning safe.
22. Which of the following is a major location of the lymph nodes? Auxiliary region 23. Thrombo is a combining form meaning clot.
24. The smallest blood vessels are capillaries.
25. Angi/o is a combing form meaning vessel
26. Electrical movement through the ventricle is measured and noted on the ECG as the QRS Complex 27. Arteri/o is a combing form meaning artery.
28. Which allergy test is thought to be the most accurate? Intradermal injections 29. Phlebitis refers to inflammation of the vein.
30. The Pulmonary artery...
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