Students, Teachers need to be Transculturally Literate, Experts says …

Topics: Experience, Culture, The Culture Pages: 1 (561 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Students, Teachers need to be Transculturally Literate, Experts says … Making new friends and learning new things are great. How about having an opportunity experiencing unusual yet unforgettable experiences, sounds even more interesting right? But how do are we going to start to achieve all of this? For me, it’s going to start by “Communication”. We meet new people by communicating with them; and we can also learn new information’s and experiences through it. According to Keyton (2011) communication is the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to another; through this process we can start building relationships and re-connect with the people we knew; but how about the people from other parts of the world? The people we do not know at all, why won’t we try to see, meet and learn them, who they are or what kind of government or culture they have. I exactly favor what Mark Dressman is planning for the teachers especially to us students where there will be a need to prepare itself for the significant contact with the rest of the world and its global economy. Because it’s better to start early at a young age where we’ll realize that we are not just an individual who only see his/her own life as the only world we have and as if it’s the only important matter that we should be concern about; we should also see ourselves as part of the world and be aware and concern about its people, cultures and their problem. We should try to connect or re-connect with our brothers and sisters from different parts of the world, yes we may already study them in our different subjects in our school but I can see that it is a huge and great opportunity, for us to be able to learn many important and interesting things about them, most especially if we experience they’re world, this way we may be able have a deeper understanding how they view things and know their different perspectives in life. This is going to be pretty much a big help most...
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