Students Guide to Faculty of Business Computer Systems

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Students Guide to Faculty of Business Graduate Programs Computer Systems

Student Guide to Faculty of Business Graduate Programs Computer Systems

As students enrolled in the graduate programs of the Faculty of Business at Brock University you have access to a dedicated service that will allow you to get your computer based work done without having to fight for a position in a common access computer lab. The dedicated computer facilities also provide software that is not available in any other labs on campus. You can access these facilities from almost any Internet connected computer.

Logging on to Laboratory Thin Terminals
The workstations you will be using are thin terminals. After the power is turned on you will be presented with a menu with only one option available “LBLD” (see Example 1). Click on this option and you will be faced with a screen like the one in Example 2. Example 1 – Thin Terminal Start Screen


Student Guide to Faculty of Business Graduate Programs Computer Systems

Example 2 – Sample windows logon screen

  

Enter your badger account code in the User name: field Enter your password in the Password: field. The Log on to: field should always have “CAMPUS” in it.

After your account has been logged on you will see a desktop similar to Example 3. This is a virtual desktop that will serve as the workspace while using a thin terminal. All of your applications will be available through this desktop. You may not save files to your desktop. Instead save files to your My Documents folder. You should use your my Documents folder for all of your document storage. This is where all of your data should be stored. No information should be saved on the M:\ or N:\ drives. Any data that is saved in improper locations will be erased on a regular basis by automated processes without warning. The only other safe location to save files is to a USB Key plugged into your terminal. The USB drive will be available as the U:\ drive letter. Once plugged in, the USB drive may take 30 seconds to be recognized. You can lock your workstation at any time by clicking on the following items:

STARTSettingsWindows SecurityLock Computer


Student Guide to Faculty of Business Graduate Programs Computer Systems

Example 3 – Sample Desktop


Student Guide to Faculty of Business Graduate Programs Computer Systems

Logging on Through the Internet
The first time you use a computer to access Faculty of Business Graduate Programs web page you will see the message as seen in Example 4 Example 4: - Client Installation Message

The majority of the applications that you have access to in the laboratory are also available remotely through the Internet. You must designate a workstation that you wish to use for this service and you will be given an access token (you won’t receive any notification of this) that grants you access to the system. The service will work over any type of Internet connection but a high-speed provider is recommended. You can access this page from a PC or a MAC.
This is the address that will open the logon page for remote access to your applications. Once the page is loaded you will see a screen like the one in Example 5. Enter your user credentials in the appropriate fields. Click the Log In button at the bottom of the screen. You will now see a screen like the one in Example 6. From this screen you can pick applications to run on your local workstation. You may run as many copies of the applications as you wish with no effect on speed as the applications are running on the remote servers.

A hint when working in this mode is to always leave at least one application running as long as you wish to continue working. Leaving one application open will stop the server from logging you off and then back on again making application load times much shorter.


Student Guide to Faculty of Business Graduate Programs Computer...
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