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Chapter 4: Writing a Thesis/ Dissertation

Chapter 4: Writing a Thesis/Dissertation

A thesis/dissertation is a primary publication that describes new original research and contains information that enables peers to identify objectives, repeat experiments, assess observations and evaluate conclusions. The content should be new, correct, significant and comprehensible. To achieve this, the thesis/ dissertation should be written in accordance with the guidelines stated in the first chapter of this guide. Webster’s definition of a thesis is that it is “a research paper, especially one written by a candidate for a master’s degree”. A dissertation, on the other hand, is defined by the same dictionary as “a formal discourse of treatise especially one written to fulfill the requirements for a doctorate from a university”.

The thesis/dissertation is organized to comprise the same chapters or elements included in the proposal in addition to two chapters on the results of the study and a discussion of these results. It also includes some primary pages at the beginning of the manuscript and references and appendices at the end. The elements of a thesis/dissertation should be arranged in the following order:

1. Preparatory Pages: a) Title page b) Committee page c) Dedication page (if applicable) d) Acknowledgement page (if applicable) e) List of contents page f) List of tables page g) List of figures page h) Abstract page including key words (In English for manuscript written in English). A Guide to the Preparation and Writing of Theses and Dissertations


Chapter 4: Writing a Thesis/ Dissertation

2. Chapter one: Study Background: 1. Introduction 2. Statement and purpose of the problem: 3. Study questions and hypothesis 4. Significance of the Study 5. Definition of terms 6. Limitations of the study 3. Chapter two: Literature Review 4. Chapter Three: Methodology: 1. Samples 2. Instruments 3. Procedures 4. Design and Statistical Procedure 5. Chapter four: Results 6. Chapter five: Discussion (including conclusions and recommendations). 7. List of references 8. Appendices (if applicable). 9. Abstract in Arabic with a title and key words. The content of the first three chapters were described in chapter 3 above. The following discussion will be devoted to the other components.

Preparatory pages precede the “Introduction”. Pagination here is by using Roman numerals (I, II, III…), starting with the title page that follows the thesis/dissertation cover. Introduction (Chapter 1 begins with page 1). Preparatory pages are: 1. Title Page:

It includes the thesis/dissertation title centered on the page, the student’s full name, the institutional affiliation name, the supervisor’s and co-supervisor’s names, the field of specialization and date of presentation (day, month, year) as shown in sample 1.


A Guide to the Preparation and Writing of Theses and Dissertations

Chapter 4: Writing a Thesis/ Dissertation


Committee Page:

It includes the thesis/dissertation title, the student’s full name and his/her previous degree, major, university, year of graduation, and the following statement: Thesis/Dissertation submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master/Ph.D. in ………….… at Sharjah University. The statement should be followed by the words “Approved by” and followed by the names and titles of the examination committee members starting with the supervisor (as chairman of the committee), and the date of thesis/dissertation presentation (Day/Month/ year) as shown in sample 2. Sample 1: Title Page A Randomized Pursuit -Evasion Approach in Polygonal Environments: Detection & Tracking


University of Sharjah College of Arts and Sciences Computer Sciences Department

Supervisor Dr. Ashraf Al-Najjar

Program: Computer Science


A Guide to the Preparation and...

References: List all research papers, review articles, books and other publications referred to throughout the thesis/ dissertation. They are organized alphabetically according to standard methods of citation as descried early in this guide. 11. Appendices: The purpose of appendices is to provide a detailed description of items that are not suitable for full presentation within the main components of the thesis.
A Guide to the Preparation and Writing of Theses and Dissertations
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