Student Life

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Biography of a Working Student
“Life is too short so don’t make it shorter”, a statement that is believed by Eva Llamba Anthony, a first year student of Father Saturnino Urios University and at the same time a staff in a fast food chain called Jollibee. She is now 19 years of age, took the course of BSBA Major in Marketing and is currently living at P-8 Holy Redeemer Butuan City. Her parents are Mrs. Josefina Anthony, a caring house keeper, and Mr. Roberto Anthony, a hardworking tricycle driver. They have six siblings and Eva was the fifth child in their family. Her hobbies are watching movies, window shopping, and texting. Her family has a simple life. They are living together as a one big family. When Eva was in elementary, she received couple of awards for honour roll from 1st grade until graduation and the same in high school.This awards are her great accomplishments that made her family proud of her. Entering college was the most challenging part of her life. Her parents cannot afford the expenses so she decided to work on Jollibee to help lessen the expenses of her parents and at the same time to experience working and be independent. She started working in Jollibee since last year, June 17, 2011.From this time, her college life became hectic. She can’t sleep well and have no time for having fun with family and friends. Even though it’s kind of hard to study while working, she can still manage her time wisely despite of hardships. She said that time management is the most important thing so that you can handle the important things that must be done in time. It is one way to reach her goal of becoming a successful business woman especially with the love and support from her family. These are the reasons why she keeps on moving forward to give her family good life and to make her dreams come true. Life doesn’t always give us the joy we want because difficulties always arise in the lives of us all which is a challenge given for us to learn to fight and...
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