Student Council Paper

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September 5, 2014
Student Council Essay

My name is , and I am years old I am an grader, and I am excited for this year. This year will be the year I leave behind my legacy. The class of 2014 will leave behind the best legacy, especially gifted. We plan to help each other so that we may all walk across that stage go on to high school, then go off to college then go on to our careers and live happy, healthy, and successful lives. I actually have no idea where I would like to go to high school it’s a very delicate process and I’d like to choose the right place for me.

I have been at since 3rd grade. Ever since I was 8 years old I remember that time when the older kids came and sold those delicious suckers. Then in 4th grade I remember when we had the Halloween Hoot it was so much fun I saw Student Council helping out. That was the best time I ever had at that school in my whole experience. I am very responsible and trustworthy. In my 6th grade class I was treasurer that means when money was to be collected, I collected it. My teacher trusted me and she was right to do so.

I am a cheerful person and I love volunteering and helping out. I volunteered to help with a festival about keeping the peace in . In 6th grade I was on Black Knights Chess Team and I began Debate which I am currently on. I love music if you find me somewhere alone I am most likely listening to music, my favorite artist at the moment is Chance the Rapper he speaks about the real stuff that happens in Chicago. I love to read and write and I absolutely love art. If I’m anywhere it’s usually downtown at the library or at photography classes. I’ve written a total of 3 novels that I consider getting published once I raise the money. I love the arts and I’m a nerd I’m not into Chief Keef I’m into 80’s and 90’s music. I’m a one-of-a kind type of girl. I am an artistic, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, loving, cheerful, and helpful, girl and I would really love to have a...
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