Structure Of a Restaurant
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The Structure of a Restaurant

While working in a restaurant each employee has their own title, and they all have their own responsibilities. At the entrance of the restaurant is the hostess, who is the customer service representative. Further inside are the servers, who are the marketers of the restaurant. In the far back of the restaurant on one side are the cooks and pizza makers, or food artists and perfectionists. In the far back towards the exit are the delivery drivers, who are considered the restaurants food chauffeurs. Also in the back are the dishwashers, who are comparable to the janitors in a business. All these workers have very different roles, but all must work together to make the restaurant a success. The first kind of worker in a restaurant is the hostess. The guest receives their first impression of the service of the restaurant by their exchange with the hostess; for this reason, they are considered the customer service representative. For example, hostesses are the face and voices of the restaurant, and are the first person to handle customer complaints. A hostess must also have the quality of a strong team player and be a good communicator to successfully fulfill her responsibilities. The most important part of being a hostess is to be nice and cheerful so they will leave lasting impression on the customer. Even though the hostess has many duties to fulfill, they also offer help to the servers if they seem overwhelmed. The Second kind of worker is a server, which is considered the marketer of the restaurant. After the hostess seats the guests, the server comes to the table to tell them about any new specials or different drinks available that week. As the marketer of the restaurant, a server must offer different options for the guest; for instance, a server could ask the guest if they would like fries with their burger, which can result in a higher sale for the restaurant. Although a server can be described as a servant for the night,

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