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Topics: Cortisol, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: February 17, 2014
In this article about stress, the author claims that stress reduces when shared. Everyone gets stressed out but many don’t know how to reduce it in a healthy way…Some say breathing exercises or playing a good tune; and while these techniques may work, a new study suggests that sharing stress with others can help significantly. Sharing does is not meaning “venting” to anyone but it means to share the same stressors as someone whom you communicate with. It makes sense now why people go to rehabilitation circles, because it helps the users connect with others who are dealing with the same addiction as them.

Another important claim the author addresses is the science behind this stress reducer in the study. Sarah Townsend and her colleagues invited 52 female undergraduates to take do a study on public speaking where they had to prepare and give a speech that would be recorded on video. Before giving their speeches, the participants were placed in pairs and told to discuss how they felt about presenting. The took measures of the stress hormone cortisol, before, during and after the speeches. The science with the cortisol levels proved that “Emotional similarity buffers stress”.

Some readers might think that sharing stress with others would make things worse because they think that the more you talk about it, the more it will become true and reassure those negative thoughts and feelings, but I would argue that when you are emotionally connected with someone, no matter what is emotion is, that is an immediate stress reliever and strengthens one’s emotional and social resilience.

Learning about ways to cope with stress is important because we all as humans get stressed out. If we can learn to handle it better maybe it wouldn’t be such a negative experience to deal with. There are of course many other mechanisms on dealing with stress that may work just as good. It also can differ depending on one’s personality type and the way think would rather handle...
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