Topics: Self-esteem, Emotion, Outline of self Pages: 4 (598 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Someone said people feel stress is because they can’t reach their own expectation but they want to reach it, so

stress was created by their own. Just like Sammy’s case, he said he got an unsatisfactory result in public

examination. It shows that Sammy has got an expectation in his examination but his can’t reach his own

expectation, so stress created. In Sammy’s case, there are some problems which are appeared after analyzing.


1. Lack of self concept
Refer to the case, Sammy is unclear to her desire, she even doesn’t know what she wants or doesn’t want,

she doesn’t like study, but she also doesn’t think about what she can do, she stop her mind in a moment.

Self concept is what you understand about yourself. Since she doesn’t what she want or doesn’t want and

know nothing about herself, it shows that Sammy is lack of self concept.

2. Low self-esteem
According to the case, Sammy states out that people the surrounding her are all have good performance in

difference aspect, Sammy thinks that she has lower performance than her peers. She just thinks that she is

useless, it shows that she has low confidence about herself, as a result, Sammy has low self-esteem.

3. Poor communication skills
Sammy usually stays at home herself, her parents are busy because of work, Sammy has less chance to

communicate with her parents. At the same time, Sammy’s parents also have responsibility to care about

Sammy, even they have heavy workload, they should spend time on Sammy because Sammy will also feel

lonely when she stay at home alone.

4. Poor emotional control
Refer to Sammy’s case, she was lost of control and banged the door harshly after her parent criticism. It

shows that Sammy has poor emotional control.


1. Lack of self concept
Sammy should use different ways such as joining different activities to let herself know what she really

Want. Most of the adolescents are...
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