Streetcar Named Desire

Pages: 4 (932 words) Published: June 9, 2011
Streetcar Named Desire

Scene 2

1) Stella tells Stanley that Belle Reve (Rive?) is lost. It leads to a little argument. He asks for the papers, looks inside her trunk. He finds clothes, letters from Blanche’s dead husband, in a tin box. Napoleonic code. Stanley reveals Stella’s pregnancy. Belle Reve was lost on mortgage, sold by Ambler & Ambler 2) Sees through Blanche’s trunk. “Your looks are okay” -> Blanche was expecting compliments 3) Beautiful dresses - no paper at the beginning

4) - Lack of chivalry
* Blanche’s husband is dead
* Napoleonic code
* Lost house on mortgage

Scene 3

1) At Stanley’s, guys play poker, girls break in, Blanche wants to dance with Mitch. She wants to seduce him; Stanley doesn’t like having no control 2)
4) She wants to seem younger -> old maid
5) Stella’s pregnant - lost control of the situation. Blanche tries to manipulate Mitch, can’t play poker. Reality vs. appearances 6) Mitch is a gentleman compared to Stanley. Blanche acts as if she’s extremely naïve, young lady

Scene 4

1) Stanley’s beat (?) Stella’s in denial because she loves Stanley. Blanche doesn’t understand him. Stanley only enters at the end and Stella hugs him. 2) Blanche tries to find solutions for Stella. She thinks Shep is better than Stanley. He’s rich, would be a solution for the sisters. 3) She compares S to an animal (ape). She tries to turn against Stella. Sub human qualities, animalistic behavior, and animal instinct.

Scene 5

1) Stanley talks about Blanche and rumors about her. Blanche goes to parties with deem atmosphere. 2) The letter is addressed to a rich man named “Shep”. Blanche writes the letter because she thinks that Shep will give her stability and security. 3) Alcoholic because the loss of the house affected her a lot. As she explains it to her sister, she becomes aware of her condition. 4) She doesn’t really want to talk about it - she...
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