Strategy and Eden Bay

Topics: Strategy, Project, Eden Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Please read the TOWN of EDEN BAY case study on pages 91-92 of your textbook and answer the 4 questions listed at the end of page 92. Make sure to properly justify your answers.

1. Upon investigation, you learn that the town does not have a strategic plan or mission statement. in your view, does this affect the current situation? Why or why not?

* In my point of view, I think yes without a strategic plan this might affect their current situation; because having a spreadsheet this make their work more difficult for them. Having a strategic plan is very important because it helps them to provide direction and focus for all employees. Also, to have a strategic plan you can follow it in order to achieve the goal that you plans for and that will help to be successful in the work.

2. Based on the fact statements provided, summarize the maintenance departments most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. (Hints: For Question 2, follow the guidelines on page 54 and ask the questions that are presented in the bulleted list: ):

* What are our strengths, and how can we use them to achieve our business goals? * The strengths of Town of Eden Bay are that they have a new technology system instead of a spreadsheet which might change their future. So that they have to make a strategic plan to know how to achieve their goals. * What are our weaknesses, and how can we reduce or eliminate them? * The weaknesses of Town of Eden Bay are that they use spreadsheet and if they did something wrong they have to write it by their hand. As well as , they don’t have a strategic plan before beginning the maintenance shop. So to reduce their weaknesses they have to study and make some plans in order to make their work goes better.

* What are our opportunities, and how do we plan to take advantage of them? * The opportunities of Town of Eden Bay are , that they have a chance by developing a new technology and they have to study...
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