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Like most other industrial sectors, the electronic sector of Bangladesh also offers a highly skilled and cheap labor force. The electronics industry in Bangladesh mostly produces and assembles consumer items like televisions, radios, DVDs and CD players, refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, electronic fans, blenders etc. To ensure the performance reliability, the key challenges in this sector are technical assistance and proper technology orientation of the industry. But, at present, local electronics companies have mostly overcome these challenges by providing high quality products with cheap prices. The major market segment for the local companies is from low-income to middle-income people who are largest portion of the society. This report is made to order to analyze and evaluate performance and potential scenario of Walton, sister concern of R.B Group, in a growing domestic electronic market. Walton has a goal of making double overall market share in coming years. It has fruitfully positioned itself as a customer friendly and eco-friendly company. It’s after sales service has contributed tremendously in building this image in customers’ minds. Since its target market is middle-income people, the price of their products is comparatively lower than those of competitors’. This strategy helps the company greatly in a price sensitive consumers market. The report reveals that in a continuously growing market, Walton has become a reliable name for customers. Countrywide network, inclination towards quality and dedicated team of employees are the main causes of its success. Though it had started business with home appliances, yet it has always been committed to satisfying customer demand by introducing new products. The report has found the prospects of Walton promising in its current position. Favorable government policy will help it expand domestic and international markets in the future. . So far we derive the scenario of Walton, we get a picture of their management, marketing, products, market and customer, design and production, Planning, sourcing, distribution, marketing, management, competitors etc. By maintaining proper manpower, by doing succession planning externally so that the other employees can understand that the company follows succession planning and as a result the employee will work more in order to get a promotion. The most important problem is that, the perception of the common consumers about Walton. Common consumers always have negative impression about local brand. They prefer international brand company in case of buying electronic materials but local company like Walton are trying heart and soul to change this concept by producing high quality electric and electronic products. Introduction:

Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd (Walton HIL) is one of the best companies in the electronic sector of Bangladesh. Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited, commonly referred to as Walton, is a private limited company of Bangladesh. It is a sister concern of R.B. Group. Walton is one of the largest electrical, electronics and automobiles manufacturing companies in South Asia. Its headquarters is situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Walton is one of those few Bangladeshi companies that export electronic products since most of the companies in Bangladesh import products of various famous brands. The company was established in 1977. Since then, it has been setting new benchmarks in production of electronic goods in Bangladesh. Walton is an ISO 9001:2008 QMS and ISO 14100:2004 EMS certified company. It is endeavoring to translate its dream of becoming one of the leaders by manufacturing superior quality electrical and electronics products using the best technologies. ‘It’s Our Product’ (in Bangla: Amader Ponno)—a major slogan of the brand, leaves a strong impression about Walton’s commitment to deliver the best with Bangladesh identity The company has a yearly production capacity of 1.4 million pieces of fridge,...

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Figure: Market share of major Electronics Company of Bangladesh on the different
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