Strategic Philanthropy

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Strategic Philanthropy-
How to do it well,
Frumkin’s prism,
Strategic Philanthropy tools
Must critically analyse,
Martin Luther King would strategic philanthropy have facilitated such movements

A Decade of Outcome-Oriented Philanthropy

Frumpkins prism of GIVING

Explained by Stannford Social innovation review
Strategic Giving is both a comprehensive, critical analysis of modern philanthropy (particularly foundations) and a useful guide for wealthy donors who want to distribute their money to meet public needs as effectively as possible. Frumkin has created a thoughtful theoretical framework for understanding the giving process.

everal key themes reappear throughout the book, including Frumkin’s contention that the values, passion, and energy of donors are critical in maintaining the pluralism and soul of philanthropy, an element that the author believes has been severely neglected in recent years. He claims that unless the vision and intent of donors receive greater attention, foundations are likely to become less animated, more bureaucratic, and less effective. Donor satisfaction, Frumkin asserts, is as important to philanthropy as the community and public benefits it produces

it has been applied by personas such as the gates foundation and bill and Miranda gates them self

He cites five essential elements for a giving strategy: deciding which vehicle to use for giving away the donor’s money; clarifying the purpose of the gift; setting a time frame for giving; choosing the level of donor engagement with grant recipients; and assessing the impact the contributions will have.

Gates Foundation, with the addition of Warren Buffett’s money, will be donating about 10 percent of all foundation money distributed annually. And there will be more megafoundations in the next decade. Isn’t it troubling that such gigantic sums of tax-deductible money will be granted each year at the whim of a few family board members and without the benefit of public debate?

the practice of strategic philanthropy has advanced substantially over the past two decades, yet even its most committed theorists and practitioners—we among them—have often been disappointed by the results

Complexity theorist David Snowden described the differences among problems that are simple, complicated, or complex. A simple problem can be highly ambitious: Building a hospital is not easy, but it follows a well-understood formula It can however be estiated along a specific time line and undertaken according to previously set out plan . Improvement of general health within the area is more of a dynamic problem . it is non lineral problem and the influence of couple of factor can be interchanging

As difficult as it is to make progress against complex social problems, foundations are far better suited to do so than are other institutions because they operate on a long time horizon, insulated from financial and political pressures

Emergent strategy explained

Emergence is where rigor and flexibility meet, as it inherently challenges strategic organizations to be both rigorous and flexible. Emergent strategy still requires that a clear strategic intent guide the funder’s actions, but it acknowledges that specific outcomes cannot be predicted Emergent strategy accommodates three core principles of complexity theory that must inform the next evolution of strategic philanthropy: co-creating strategy, working positive and negative attractors, and improving system fitness. All actors, including funders, are participants in the system they seek to change. The behavior of one organization affects all others; therefore strategies must be co-created and must co-evolve among multiple organizations rather than be developed separately.

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” In strategic philanthropy’s earnest desire to become more disciplined and...
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