Story beginning with ''She had never seen him before...''

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Write a story beginning, ‘She had never seen him before.’

She had never seen him before. But somehow strangely, there was a funny familiarity about him. Up and down she observed him, trying to recall her in memories pertaining to this guest but she kept drawing a blank. That man stood there motionless as if he were frozen, and so did Jane.

Well, to tell the truth, Jane was totally taken aback when she opened the door, ready to greet her mother but surprisingly found that the one standing before her eyes was actually not whom she had expected. For a few long years Jane had been living only with her mother, and their life was peaceful and serene. Somehow Jane felt ominous, but curiosity compelled her to ask, ‘May I know who you are?’ A little apprehensively, Jane waited for his reply. However, the stranger just stared at her, taking his time to study her. He was smiling but Jane could clearly see his tears welling up in his eyes. Jane frowned, a little irritated with this weird visitor; his odd facial expression had indeed made her uncomfortable! ‘You…you are Jane?’ After a few long seconds, he muttered repeatedly, more to himself than to her. Perhaps he was afraid of being in the wrong, he asked again, ‘Are…are you?’ This time, in an unsure tone. Just then, Jane’s mother reached home. She whizzed past the man into her house and pushed him away from Jane. ‘What are you doing here? Again and again I have told you to stay away from us!’ she roared harshly. Jane looked at her mother, with a succession of question marks above her head. She wondered why her affable mother was suddenly being so rude to a stranger, wherefore her usually collected Mummy got angry instantly on seeing him and so on. These were too unusual; there must be something wrong. She supposed.

‘I have every right to see her, Janice. She’s mine and you shouldn’t curtail my right to do so,’ exclaimed the man, with tears streaming down his cheeks.
‘Get out now! Stop bothering us!’ Bellowed...
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