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Storms make trees take deeper roots

If you are bemoaning and complaining about some hardships you have to endure, don't. Behind the success of every person could have been a series of hardships endured and obstacles conquered. Hardships may refer to adversities, misfortunes, troubles, hard times, problems, or something that cause suffering. They accompany us from birth to death, along with our joys and memorable peak moments. Hardships can come in many forms. Depending on how you look at hardships they can be your road to character development. They can yank you out from your comfort zone, sometimes with no solid ground to stand on, and can lead you to make some much-needed changes in your life. They could make you suffer and in the process give you the grace to be strong. If one adversity could make you develop at least one virtue, then imagine how a number of adversities can develop your character and make you a better person. Hardships can teach you valuable lessons: to never take your health for granted, to spend below your means, behind every adversity is a lesson waiting to sit on your lap and be recognized as a friend and as a teacher. Hardships enable you to walk in the other's moccasins so you can understand better the other person's world. What defines our humanity is our ability to feel another person's pain. It is therefore from hardships that we learn the gift of inter-connectedness and the realization that "we are in this together". Invisible scars stem from hardships that you have endured and overcame, making you a resilient person. We can be inspired by some of the most successful people who overcame hardships and became successful. Soichiro Honda: Born in rural Iwata-gun, Japan in 1906, Honda was the first son of a blacksmith. One of several hardships he had to endure was developing a piston ring which he intended to sell to Toyota Corporation. He pawned his wife's jewelry, worked day and night, and slept in his workshop, always believing...
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