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Sterling 1973 Article Summary

By KurtleG32 Feb 27, 2013 256 Words
Sterling 1973 Article Summary

During the opening of the article the author Robert Sterling declares the purpose of discussing the inconsistencies between research accounting, educational accounting, and professional practicing accounting. The reason being for these differences between the major arenas of accounting is the isolation of research results from both practice and education. However, the absence of conflicts between education and practice is due to the harmony between educators preparing students to operate for the practitioners or employers. The author continues by discussing historical publications about the problems with valuation especially in the subject of valuation of marketable securities. Sterling believes that on good grounds marketable securities ought to be valued at market. He observes the disconnect between the education system and the valuation of marketable securities pointing out the main educational accounting theory derives from the intermediate course texts, which raise the question of valuing marketable securities, however does not present the results of research contradicted in education and practice. This as an example to illustrate the larger point that the accounting profession wrongly passes down principles as a tradition not based on best practice, therefore teach research results. The suggestions being teach research results as the desired state, and teach accepted practices as the current state. Questions regarding this article are the following: Do you believe research results need to be incorporated into today’s accounting education? How should the detriment of management be dealt with to implement research results? How could the three arenas of accounting be best connected (research, education, and practice)?

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