Stereotypes Of Loners

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There are people in this world who like to be alone. They are the loners. Those are the people whose behavior is stereotyped the hardest. They are people who really wouldn’t be understood unless they are approached. Most people assume that just because a person likes being alone, they don’t have any friends or they’re weird. While sometimes that may be the case, it isn’t always that simple. Some of these people may have had something happen to them causing a lack of social interest. Maybe they just don’t want to deal with the everyday drama that comes along with people and relationships. People’s tendency to stereotype a loner’s behavior should stop because their current or past situation is unknown to the public eye.
While observing people
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When presented with the question, “Do you consider yourself strong for not being afraid of being alone?” The person hesitated before answering which was possibly a sign that it was a subject they didn’t want to talk about. The person then looked around again before finally answering “No, I don’t because I hate being alone but I don’t know how to approach people and make friends. I don’t know anyone here and that makes me scared to walk up to someone that I don’t know just to be rejected and make my self-esteem worse.” Another person within the observation would also be sitting in the sub, but instead of looking around constantly they would often times pick up their phone to busy themselves. It was as if the person didn’t want to look lonely so they made themselves seem like there was important things that needed to be done on their cell phone. When also approached, that person and the presented …show more content…
Aside from those two people there was this one person who sat alone at the sub with the most confident vibe. They didn’t look around to see who was watching them or make themselves look busy.

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